Reb-A series

Reb-A is the best tasting component of stevia. It is manufactured with pecially-planted stevia materials with high quality and has the properties of fresh and lasting taste, no bitter aftertaste etc. It can better develop the taste of food and develop the quality and grade of products. Its sweetness can be up to 400 times than cane sugar.

Product specifications: Reb-A 40%-99%

Common series

It is the most widely used stevia products, manufactured according to the national quality standard. It is white or light yellow powder or granule with lasting and cool sweetness. It has unique properties of high sweetness, low calorie and high cost performance. Its sweetness is 250 times than cane sugar, but calorie is 1/300 of it.

Product specifications: Stevia 80%-95%

No bitter aftertaste series

It is independently developed by Aoxing Stevia. The worse component of stevia extract is Reb-C, and the content of Reb-C is lowered below 2% in the course of refining by Aoxing, and its taste has obviously improved.

Product specifications: ST Stevia 80%-95%

Glucosyl series

Glucosyl stevia is made from stevia extraction by using enzymatic treated method to separate the good taste glucosyl in the purpose of eliminate the bitterness of traditional stevia extract and improve its solubility, its sweetness is 100-200 times than cane sugar. It is white or light yellow powder or granule appearance with refreshing sweet taste.

Product specification: GS Stevia 80%-95%

Tabletop sweetener

It is a daily edible sweetener suitable for diabetes and sugar intake control people. It consists of stevia extract as its main sweet component, and reduce the sweetness by blending with other natural flavors. Low calories, zero fat, zero sugar and zero protein, it can be packed in various forms.

Product specification: 2-20 times sweetness